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Psychiatry & Neuroscience

I'm a researcher of 20+ years and my principal areas of interest are psychiatric disorders, sleep, and digital therapeutics.


I've worked in a range of research studies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of highly prevalent disorders such as depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, autism, suicide, and traumatic brain injury.

I currently work at the  Stanford School of Medicine and the Veteran's Administration. I have been privileged to work in research studies focused on improving the well-being of active duty personnel and combat Veterans. In addition to learning from some incredible investigators and dedicated researchers and clinicians.

References & Links to Papers
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Virtual Reality

Peterson B, Hitching R, Howard L, Zhu K, Fontenot MR, Alhalabi W, Seibel A, Harris OA, Madrigal E, Adamson MM, Hoffman H. (2021) Immersive Virtual Reality: A safe, scalable, non-opioid analgesic for military and Veteran patients. Frontiers in Virtual Reality,145.

Journal Publicatons

Depression & Anxiety

Price, L.R., Briley, J., Haltiwanger, S., Hitching, R. (2020) A Meta-Analyses of CES in the Treatment of Depression. Journal of Psychiatric Research, Volume 135, March 2021, 119-134

Malhi, G.S., Hitching, R., Berk, M., Boyce, P., Porter, R., Fritz, K. (2013) Pharmacological management of unipolar depression. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 127, 6-23.

Malhi, G.S., Hitching, R., Coulston, C.M., Boyce, P., Porter, R., Fritz, K. (2013) Individualized management of unipolar depression. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 127, pp.1-5.

Thinking Man on Couch
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Insomnia & Sleep

Price, L.R., Briley, J., Hitching, R. (2020) A Meta-Analyses of CES in the Treatment of Insomnia. Ann Psychiatry Mental Health 8(3): 1157.

COVID & Stress

Zhao, E. Y., Xia, D., Greenhalgh, M., Colicino, E., Monaro, M., Hitching, R., ... & Adamson, M. M. (2021). Combining International Survey Datasets to Identify Indicators of Stress during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Machine Learning Approach to Improve Generalization. COVID, 1(4), 728-738.

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Mood & Dementia

Fenn, H.H. & Hitching, R. (2020) Neuro-psychiatric Symptoms of Major Neuro-cognitive Disorders. Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum for Training Directors & Teachers of Psychopharmacology in Psychiatric Residency Programs, 11th Edition. American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology.

Medical Diagnosis

Lampe, L., Shadbolt, N., Starcevic, V., Boyce, P., Brakoulias, V., Hitching, R., Viswasam, K., Walter, G., Malhi, G. (2012) Diagnostic processes in mental health: GPs and psychiatrists reading from the same book but on a different page. Australasian Psychiatry, 20(5), pp.374-378.



My passion for the dissemination of freely accessible evidence-based neuropsychiatric research is sustained by my role as the Editor of the Briefing Books initiative by the Public Education and Media Dissemination Committee (PEMDC), within the Association for Applied Behavioral and Cognitive Therapists (ABCT) in the US.


The aim of Briefing Books is to provide journalists and members of the public with accessible & evidence-based information on a wide range of topics, that often are in the headlines, such as suicide, and mass shootings. In addition, I review submissions to the Journal of the Medical Care Section of the American Public Health Association.


Hitching R. (Eds.) (2021). Gun Violence in America.

ABCT Publications, New York, NY.​


Hitching R. (Eds.) (2020). Suicide Across the Lifespan.

ABCT Publications, New York, NY.

Book Chapters

I've been fortunate to collaborate with several clinicians and researchers on a range of topics related to mood and anxiety disorders, and the frequently co-occurring issues of substance use and trauma.


My research interests continue to expand and most recently I have been working on disorders typically associated with the aging brain, such as dementia. 

Depressive & Bipolar Disorders
Suryadevara, U., Hitching, R., Nuthi, M., Sommer, B., & Wenger, J.B. (2022)

Psychotherapeutic Interventions
Cassidy-Eagle, E. & Hitching, R. (2022) 

Patel, B., Hitching, R. & Sher, Y.(20220

Anxiety in Older Adults
Suryadevara, U., Hitching, R., Mihalik, A.C., & Nuthi, M. (2022)

Bereavement, Acute Stress & Adjustment Disorder & PTSD
Suryadevara, U., Bruijnzeel, D., Hitching, R., Nuthi, M., Sommer, B. & Wenger, J.B. (2022)

Neurocognitive Disorder with Behavioral Disturbance
Fenn, H.H., Hitching, R., Birtley Fenn, C. (2022)

Telemedicine & Digital Mental Health Technologies
Gould, C.E., Alfaro, A.J., Yenko, I., Hitching, R. (2022)

Substance Abuse, Misuse, Intoxication, Dependence

& Withdrawal - Alcohol, Benzodiazepines, Opioids,

Hypnotics & Stimulants
Ogbonna, C. &  Hitching, R. (2022)

Chapters in 

Age-Adjusted Psychiatric Care for the Older Adult.

Fenn, H., Dunn, Bourgeois, J., Birtley Fenn, C. (Eds.) (2022)
American Psychiatric Association (APA), Washington, DC.

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Chapters in 

Gun Violence 
in America

Hitching R. (Eds.) (2021). Gun Violence in America.
ABCT Publications, New York, NY.​

Racial Inequity
Alang, S. & Hitching, R. (2021)

Dying of Whiteness
Jonathan M. Metzl &  Hitching, R. (2021)

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Veteran Suicide
Hitching, R. (2020)

Suicide in Older Adults 
Hitching, R. (2020)

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Chapters in 

Suicide Across the Lifespan

Hitching R. (Eds.) (2020). Suicide Across the Lifespan.

ABCT Publications, New York, NY.

Book Chaptes

Chapters in 

Inpatient Geriatric PsychiatryOptimum Care, Emerging Limitations & Realistic Goals

Fenn, H.H., Hategan, A., Bourgeois, J. A. (2019)
Springer Nature, Switzerland

Behavioral & Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)
O'Connel, C., Hitching, R., Fenn, H.H.(2019)

Suicide in the Geriatric Population
Shevana, M., Hitching, R., Dunn, L. B. (2019) 

Conferences & Posters

Deep Learning Approach to Evaluate Sex Differences in Response to Neuromodulation in Major Depressive Disorder
Hitching, R., Hadipour, A., Turkin, T., Uyulan, C., Kazemi, R., Phillips, A., Seenivasan, S., Tarhan, N., Adamson, M.M. (2021). 

Fiber Tract Integrity in Patients with Brain Injury and Chronic Health Symptoms.
Adamson, M.M., Coetzeea, J.P., Main, K., Seenivasana, S., Zhua, K., Hitching, R., Miers, O., Kang, X. (2021)


Brain Sketch



Dual Disorders of Major Neurocognitive Disorder (Dementia) & Disturbance of Behavior & Dependence on Substances
Fenn, H.H., Hitching, R. (2019)

Review of Pharmacological & Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Non-Cognitive, Symptoms of Major Neurocognitive Disorders
Fenn, H.H., Hitching, R. (2018)


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