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My passion for the dissemination of freely accessible evidence-based neuropsychiatric research is sustained by my role as the Editor of the Briefing Books initiative by the Public Education and Media Dissemination Committee (PEMDC), within the Association for Applied Behavioral and Cognitive Therapists (ABCT) in the US.


The aim of Briefing Books is to provide journalists and members of the public with accessible & evidence-based information on a wide range of topics, that often are in the headlines, such as suicide, and mass shootings. In addition, I review submissions to the Journal of the Medical Care Section of the American Public Health Association.

Gun Violence in America

Rita Hitching (Eds.) (2021). 

ABCT Publications, New York, NY.​


Dying of Whiteness

Gun legislation associated with firearm deaths.

Jonathan Metzl MD, PhD & Rita Hitching MSc 

Weapons Effect

Guns unconsciously elicit aggression.

Brad J. Bushman, PhD

LGBTQ+ Population

LGBTQ+are at greater risk of gun violence.

Kirsty A. Clark PhD, Tara McKay PhD & Serena Musungu

Racial Inequity

Inequality causes violence & police brutality.

Sirry Alang PhD & Rita Hitching MSc

Deadly Child's Play

Media increases interest & use of real guns.

Brad J. Bushman, PhD

Community Violence

Poor health from early gun exposure.

Billie Katz, PsyD

Mass Shooting - Personal Account

A personal account of the mass shooting.

Mark Greenhalgh MPh, PhD

Firearm Suicide

Firearm suicide is a leading cause of death.

Mike Anestis PhD, Shelby L. Bandel MS & Allison E. Bond MA

Gun Violence in America

Rita Hitching (Eds.) (2021). 

ABCT Publications, New York, NY.​

Sexual & Gender Minorities

Social Norms, Prejudices, Fear

Ilana Seager van Dyk, PhD

Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Characteristics, Patterns & Risk Factors

Peggy Andover PhD

Older Adults

Bereavement, Burden & Loss of Purpose

Rita Hitching MSc

Trauma & Chronic Disease 

Long Term Stressors, Severity & Disability

Lily Brown PhD


Veterans & Active Duty

Bereavement, Burden & Loss of Purpose

Rita Hitching MSc

Adults & Mid-Life

Financial, Family & Work

Emily Bilek PhD

Youth 5 to 24 Years

Prevalence, Media & Prevention

Mitch Prinstein PhD, Maya Massing-Schaffer MA & Benjamin W Nelson PhD.

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